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    Artetica is a group of women working to produce handmade clothing using all available techniques.


    The activity started in spring 2016 thanks to the impulse of a visionary entrepreneur who is deeply in love with her land, Puglia, and its people, women first and foremost. In a short time, she has managed to gather around her a group of women who hold valuable artisanal knowledge, creating a business that today has the ambition to grow enough to guarantee the economic independence of its collaborators as the first real instrument of sustainable social development.


    What has come about between Il Gufo and Artetica is much more than a project, it is the expression of a synergy between two realities located in the north and the south (of Italy) but with a very strong common base of values. In the local dialect of Puglia, to have “artetica” means to have the urge to do things with one's hands... and the craftswomen who are at the heart of the project are custodians of ancient and precious techniques: not only hand embroidery, but also needlework, bobbin lace and crochet.


    The expression of this collaboration is a selection of a few precious garments in which manufacturing expertise has been combined with Il Gufo's style and savoir-faire. The fabric has been combined with crochet work to create a selection of elegant and refined girl garments in which craftsmanship reaches its maximum expression. Each garment is unique and has required hours, sometimes days, of patient handwork. A work done with passion, dedication and love.